Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

  • 3 Ways To Help Children Cope After Divorce

    Once you and your partner decide to divorce, you likely already understand how this can impact your children. Kids often feel the effects of divorce the most, as it can feel as though their lives are being ripped apart. In order to keep their stress and anxiety as low as possible, it is crucial that you and your partner are able to co-parent in a way that is as constructive and helpful as possible.

  • Dealing With Pain After The Military? Not Out Of Pocket!

    After leaving the military, many veterans experience aches and pains as part of normal service. It's more than just hard labor, repetitive motions, or the complete lack of ergonomics in some uniform items; military service in general puts servicemembers in front of a lot of physical stress without the benefit of standard working conditions. Whether you're sure the pain is from an actual, military-related injury or just some mystery ailment, there's ways to get assistance and maybe some compensation with a bit of Veterans Affairs (VA) research and an attorney's help.

  • Injury With Employer Negligence: Worker's Comp Or Lawsuit?

    If you are injured in the workplace, the default process would be to get worker's compensation. But if that injury happened as a result of your employer's negligence, then you may also have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. Here is a guide to deciding which to pursue. Note: You Can't Do Both It will be necessary to decide upfront which one you want to pursue. If you decide to file a personal injury claim, you won't be eligible to also get worker's compensation benefits; you would be forfeiting this option.

  • 2 Tips For Overcoming Debt Without The Extra Stress

    Does it feel like your credit card debt is taking over your life? When you first applied for those credit cards, you may have wanted to focus on building your credit, but situations could have occurred that required you to use them more often without paying back the full amount as quickly as you anticipated. After calculating the amount you have spent on each card, you may have realized you are dealing with thousands of dollars in debt.

  • Meeting with the School about Special Education? Meet with a Lawyer First

    First off, it is important to understand that lawyers are not all about lawsuits. They are also very good at reading documents and advising what can and should be done in a given situation. This includes helping you to understand what special education programs your child may qualify for and what the individual education plan (IEP) is offering. If you are going to have a meeting with the school about your child's special education needs, meet with a special education lawyer beforehand.

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Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

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