Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Dealing With Pain After The Military? Not Out Of Pocket!

by Louise Boyd

After leaving the military, many veterans experience aches and pains as part of normal service. It's more than just hard labor, repetitive motions, or the complete lack of ergonomics in some uniform items; military service in general puts servicemembers in front of a lot of physical stress without the benefit of standard working conditions. Whether you're sure the pain is from an actual, military-related injury or just some mystery ailment, there's ways to get assistance and maybe some compensation with a bit of Veterans Affairs (VA) research and an attorney's help.

What Can The VA Do For General Pain?

General pain in ambiguous locations such as the back, head, or joints are both well known and shared across all of humanity and not well understood by the medical community. Obvious scars on the outside, internal damage, or documented incidents that could conceivably cause pain makes it easier to diagnose and possibly compensate, but some pain simply creeps up as a fact of age, lifestyle, and military career paths.

That said, the VA isn't going to simply hand out cash to everyone who complains of back pain. The VA both knows that undiagnosable pain exists and that fakers can use this information to their advantage, so the usual path of assistance for veterans is therapy and a continued search for the cause.

If you're truly suffering, the VA will at least try to help every step of the way. Veterans committing fraud may eventually have better things to do than schedule different appointments and go through long medical trials, but veterans who are truly suffering can get almost every medical screening process needed through either the VA's hospitals or referrals.

Referrals aren't guaranteed, as the VA will try to use its resources before anything else, but if the problem goes on long enough and if you're persistent, it becomes easier to send you to a local, non-VA facility or to a specialist who may have some insight that the VA simply can't provide.

An Attorney Can Help You Get The Compensation

Most of the VA's assistance for mystery pain and other confusing injury conditions comes in the form of medical care. If you can't prove that the issue exists aside from reporting pain, then you lack what the VA needs in order to give compensation: service-connecting evidence.

Finding the missing links between your pain reporting, a condition that can be documented on paper, and your military service is often a challenge that needs a dedicated professional with years of specific training. Although you may know your problems better than anyone else, when it comes to getting the money sooner rather than later is about getting the best, most direct language on paper that pins the VA's liability against your injury.

A personal injury attorney is a vital part of making that happen. The attorney can research related claims, look through your career information from military service and bring together links that you simply don't have access to as a military servicemember and veteran with a career focused on everything but claim information. Contact a personal injury attorney to begin planning your compensation. Contact a firm like Bennett & Sharp PLLC to learn more.


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Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

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