Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Two Ways To Justify An Appeal For Child Support Modification

by Louise Boyd

Do you want to make a modification to the amount of child support that you are giving or receiving and are ready to file an appeal? If so, you'll need to be the one to show why you want to make a modification and justify it to the court. Here are some justifications that can be used to win your appeal case. 

A Parent's Financial Circumstances Have Changed

If you are the parent that is receiving child support, one common reason that you may use is that there has been a financial circumstance that has changed that justifies more child support. For example, the other parent may be making significantly more money than they were when the original child support order was created, and you feel that they should be paying more in child support as a result.

If you're the parent paying child support, then you may have the complete opposite problem that requires an appeal. You may have been making a certain amount of money at the time of the child support order, but since then you have lost your job and taken a position that pays less. An appeal could help reduce how much you pay in child support based on your new wages.

A Child's Needs Have Changed

Your child may have undergone some sort of change that requires a modification in child support, such as being diagnosed with a health condition that has increased the cost of raising the child. There may be more money in doctor visits or other support in order to get by, and you feel like both parents should be sharing the cost. 

A child may also have a medical condition that has improved significantly, and they now do not require the amount of care that they once needed when the child support order was made. You would need to demonstrate how the child's needs have changed and now require less financial support, and how your child support payments should be reduced as a result. 

Unsure if you have a valid reason to modify an existing child support agreement? It is worth working with a lawyer in your area that specializes in these cases. You can consult with them about the change that you want to make, and they will guide you through the process of filing for the appeal and going to court. It's the best way to get the financial assistance you need in your situation. 

Contact a child support attorney to learn more.


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