Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

The Main Advantages Of Using Surety Bail Bonds To Get Out Of Jail

by Louise Boyd

Your ability to secure your release from jail after you have been arrested depends on whether or not you can post your bail. You might not have all of the money in your bank account. You also may not have anyone who can loan you the money.

Instead, you may be able to afford to pay a percentage of it upfront. You may find surety bail bonds to work better for your financial situation when you want to get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Less Money Upfront

When you use surety bail bonds, you typically only have to pay a portion of the full bail amount upfront. The surety bail bonds agent might require you to pay a certain percentage in cash. He or she will then front the rest of the money to the court on your behalf.

You avoid having to pay potentially thousands of dollars out of your own bank account to get released from jail. You may find surety bail bonds a more affordable option when you are strapped for cash and do not have anyone else who can lend you the money to pay the full bail amount. 

Easier Terms

If you were to pay the full bail amount upfront in cash to the jail clerk, you might have to wait for months for that amount to be returned to you. Your bail can be returned to you as long as you follow the terms of your bail and show up to all of your court appearances. However, it can also take months for the court to return that cash to you.

The court also has the right to take out any fees you owe to it from the bail you paid. When you use surety bail bonds, you do not have to wait for the court to return your full bail amount. The percentage you paid to the surety bail bonds agent is retained as a service fee. Still, you do not have to worry about the court returning any cash to you or taking fees out of the money you paid to it. 

Surety bail bonds can get you out of jail quickly and save you money on securing your release. You avoid having to worry about where you will find thousands of dollars to pay your bail. You also avoid the wait time that can come with the court returning your bail amount to you.  

Contact a local surety bail bondsman for more information. 


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