Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Why Does It Take So Long To Settle An Auto Accident Claim?

by Louise Boyd

If you've been injured in an auto accident caused by another driver, you probably know how quickly the bills for your medical treatment can pile up -- especially if you're also not working while you heal. Wondering how long it takes to settle your claim with the insurance company responsible for covering the other driver is natural. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of delays before a claim is settled.

Here's what you may encounter:

A Lot Of Unnecessary Delays

Financial concerns are distressing, especially when you're not in a great position to help yourself. Insurance companies are well aware of this. Even if the other insurance company admits liability for your medical bills, you may be put through frustrating rounds of phone calls and doctor visits to get consent for any expensive procedures.

A Poor Settlement Offer

There's a strategy that many insurance companies employ. They wait until the financial pressure has had time to build for a few months and then offer the victims of a car accident a lowball settlement offer. The insurance adjuster will usually give you a list of reasons that your claim isn't really a "good" claim and may try to make it sound like the company is doing you a favor by offering anything.

If you rightfully refuse the offer, the company may ask you for more information and medical records to support your case before making another, slightly higher offer. Their hope is that the additional hoops you have to jump through and the continued pressure of time will encourage you to take less than you should.

A Predictable Round of Attacks

If you don't crumble under the pressure that's on you and you continue to press your claim, the insurance company will usually look to poke holes in your case. Common attacks include the following:

  • Claiming that you are partially liable for the accident 
  • Claiming that coverage for the insured doesn't extend as far as it should
  • Trying to claim that your medical condition is pre-existing and unrelated to the accident
  • Disputing the necessity of the treatment you've already received or will receive
  • Disputing the actual extent and severity of your injuries

Ultimately, the insurance company wants you to accept the idea that your claim is shaky so that you'll agree to a lower settlement.

What can you do to combat all of these problems? Having an attorney field the bills from the doctors, collect your medical records, and negotiate with the insurance company can keep the pressure away from you and make the delay easier to bear. Keep in mind that a quick settlement is rarely the best for you! Contact an auto accident attorney today to learn more.


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