Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Important Things To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

by Louise Boyd

Being charged with a crime can be very scary, and many people do not know what to expect after being arrested. Some crimes carry serious consequences, such as large fines and jail time, so it is important to do whatever you can to avoid a conviction. If you want the best outcome possible, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Ideally, you should hire an attorney as soon as possible so he or she has ample time to prepare a defense before you are due in court. If you need to hire a criminal defense attorney, consider the following things:


Criminal defense attorneys are able to represent people who have been charged with a variety of criminal offenses, but many criminal defense attorneys choose to specialize in one or two types of cases. For example, a criminal defense attorney may focus on domestic violence offenses and sex crimes, while another may only take cases that involve assault or theft. When you begin searching for a criminal defense attorney, it is a good idea to look for ones that specialize in your type of case. 


It is always a good idea to consider an attorney's experience before you make a hiring choice. An attorney who has a lot of experience in criminal defense is more likely to have the skills needed to build a strong defense and present a compelling case in the courtroom. When you meet with attorneys during a complimentary consultation, don't be afraid to ask about their experience and how many criminal cases they have personally handled on their own.


There are no set rates for attorneys, so each attorney is free to charge their clients whatever they would like. During your attorney search, it is important to know how a criminal attorney that you are interested in hiring charges for his or her services. Some may offer a flat fee while others charge by the hour; one attorney may require a large retainer upfront, while another may not. It is very important to hire an attorney who you can afford to pay for -- the last thing you want is to lose your attorney in the middle of your case because you have run out of funds.

Who is Handling Your Case

Before you hire a criminal defense attorney, verify who will actually be handling your case. It is not uncommon for partners in a law firm to meet with potential clients, but the actual attorney who handles the case may be a junior associate. If you really like a specific attorney, make she that he or she will be handling your case from start to finish. 

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Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

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