Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

4 Ways To Get Through A Divorce Faster

by Louise Boyd

You've probably known at least one couple that was in the midst of divorce for years and years. Unfortunately, this is more the rule than the exception. Many divorces drag on and on, and the process becomes emotionally grueling -- not to mention, expensive! So, if you are considering divorce yourself, how do you make sure you're not one of those couples who spend three or five years going in and out of the courtroom? Here are four tips to help you get through a divorce faster.

1. Gather your emotions, and talk it out

You and your spouse are splitting up, so there are probably a lot of things you disagree on. The fact that you'd like this divorce to go quickly, however, is probably something you can both agree on. As hard as it may be, set your emotions aside and talk to your spouse. Try to compromise and agree on as much as you can; this will reduce the time you spend making negotiations. Do not try to sabotage your spouse; if you treat them with respect, they are more likely to treat you with the same.

2. Hire a lawyer from the start

Many couples attempt to do a self-divorce or to go through mediation, but when this approach does not work out, they end up hiring lawyers anyways. They have then wasted a lot of time. You can save yourself time by hiring a lawyer from the get-go. Hiring a lawyer does not have to mean your divorce becomes contentious. However, your lawyer will complete a lot of the paperwork, make a lot of the calls, and conduct a lot of the negotiations so you don't have to waste time doing these things yourself.

3. Don't hide anything

People often try to hide their assets when divorce is approaching. You may be tempted to move funds into an off-shore account so you don't have to split them with your spouse, for instance. With the popularity of the internet today, such things are hard to hide. They will eventually be discovered, and the process of discovering them will take time. Your divorce will move along faster if you are open and honest about your assets. 

4. Be realistic

Many divorces drag on because one spouse, or sometimes both, is unrealistic about what they can expect. If you want 50% alimony from your spouse but you both worked for the entirety of your marriage, for example, you are probably not going to get it. Let your lawyer guide you as to what is reasonable to expect in your divorce, and then don't be disappointed if that's all you get. 

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Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

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