Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Remain Calm And Collected Prior To A Theft Charge Court Hearing And Increase Your Chance Of Receiving Favorable Results

by Louise Boyd

If you were recently let out of jail on bail for a theft charge that you were not responsible for, you may feel as if your life is unraveling at the seams and that you will be faced with serious repercussions. The following tips may help you keep your cool during this trying time and receive favorable results when you face a judge on your court date.

Confide Solely In Your Attorney

Hire an attorney who has an excellent reputation and has been in practice for years. Confide in your attorney during your initial appointment and discuss each detail pertaining to your case as thoroughly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, voice them during the meeting so that you know what type of sentence you are facing. 

Refrain from sharing pertinent information about your case with anyone else. This could damage your case if the information is given to the wrong individual. If you cannot contain yourself and need to speak about something that is on your mind, call your attorney and leave a message with them so that you can discuss your feelings prior to your next meeting.

Collect Your Thoughts And Provide An Alibi

A consecutive order of activities that occurred on the date of the proposed crime may not come to your mind immediately. Try to relax and clear your head while resting at home. If you avoid straining your mind, you may be able to remember some details that will help exonerate you from the crime that you have been charged with. If you can provide concrete proof that will eliminate you as a suspect, the charge may be dismissed during your court date.

As soon as you remember information that could help your case, make a note of it and share it with your attorney at your earliest convenience. If there are any people who can further prove that you did not commit the theft, provide their names and contact information to your lawyer, as well.

Ask Friends, Family, And Prominent Citizens For Support

Ask some of your closest friends, family members, and prominent citizens in your community for support by having them each write a statement that describes the type of person you are or some good deeds that you have performed in the past to help someone in your neighborhood. Although these statements won't prove your innocence, they can provide a strong impact that may convince the judge to give you a lenient sentence or drop the theft charge altogether.

Collect as many statements as you can, right up until it is time for you to appear in court. Give the documents to your lawyer so that they can submit them during your hearing.

Utilize all of these ideas and keep the lines of communication with your lawyer open so that you are well-prepared for your court hearing. If all goes well, you will be deemed an innocent person and can put the unfortunate legal situation behind you.

For more information and advice, talk with a criminal law attorney in your area. 


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Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

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