Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Three Tips for Filing for Long-Term Disability Benefits

by Louise Boyd

Long-term disability insurance may be available to you if you have an injury or illness that is going to keep you out of work for an extended period of time. The filing process is important, as it could keep you from benefits you deserve if you file the claim incorrectly. Here are some valuable tips for filing for long-term disability coverage.

File for Benefits Promptly

If you wait too long before filling out the claim for benefits, it could be denied. Long-term disability typically has strict guidelines for when you can apply for it. If you wait too long and miss your window, there might be nothing else you can do. When you get injured and think you are eligible for long-term disability benefits, contact your human resources department to ask about how to file for the benefits. They will provide you with the necessary paperwork and final date turning in your application.

Put Your Documents Together

When you are filing for long-term disability benefits, you need certain medical documents and proof of your injury. You should have documentation from your doctor regarding the diagnosis of your condition, the cause of that condition, and what your recovery period will be. The disability office needs to not only know what your injury is, but that you won't be able to work for an extended period of time. It would be best if your doctor can write a report specifically for the claim paperwork that states what your limitations are.

File for an Appeal Promptly

If your first long-term disability benefits claim is denied, you may be given the opportunity to file an appeal. You first need to know the latest date for when it should be filed, so look on the paperwork sent in the mail when your benefits were denied. There should be appeal information, including if you are eligible to apply for one, and what date it must be filed by. This same paperwork might also include the reason your claim was denied, which can also be helpful. If you need to file for an appeal, it is highly recommended that you get legal assistance. Choose a lawyer who specializes in disability law; to check different options, you may want to look into the websites of local disability lawyers, such as They will help you gather your medical records and other documentation and help fill out the appeal claim to increase your chances of having it approved the second time.

Your company's human resources department can also be useful when you are in need of filing for long-term disability benefits.


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