Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Three Reasons Why You Should Employ A Patent Attorney Prior To Marketing Your Invention

by Louise Boyd

When you have invented something that you think many consumers will want or the invention will be well-received by the intended audience, you want to begin marketing and production right away. Before you jump the gun, you may want to protect yourself first. By that, you will need some legal protection via the form of a patent attorney. Here are three reasons why you should hire a patent attorney prior to marketing your invention.  

No Patent Means Anyone Can Steal Your Invention 

Inventors tend to be very guarded about their inventions, and with good reason. Other people can steal an idea, construct the invention and call it their own before you ever bring it to market. If you do not have a patent or at least a patent pending, your invention is fair game to absolutely anyone that sees the value in it. If you hire a patent lawyer to handle the patent application process, then you also have a second party who can prove that your invention came first because he or she is a) a witness and b) a lawyer who has documentation proving when your patent application was filed.

Variations on a Current Product Could Lead to Lawsuits

Many new products invented are often variations on products that already exist. The difference is that many of these new variations do the same job, only better. If this describes your invention, you have to be aware of the patent laws surrounding the original product and know when it is safe to begin producing your product. Otherwise you could be taking a risk and possibly getting sued by the inventor of the original product or the company that manufactures that product. Your patent attorney can research these particulars for you, and then be ready to file your patent paperwork as soon as it is legally safe to do so. 

Patent Lawyers Can Contest and Sue Others Who Have Tried to Steal Your Idea

Along with researching your invention and filing your patent application and documents, your patent lawyer can sue those who have stolen or attempted to steal your idea. Your patent lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding the supposed theft, and then if it is a legitimate case of idea theft, your lawyer can file the paperwork to sue the accused thief. In many ways, hiring a patent lawyer addresses many of the issues that would otherwise destroy your invention before it ever gets to market. He or she is your absolute legal protection until your patent runs out (and even then, he or she can renew your patent for you!).  


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Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

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