Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

Answering Common Questions Concerning Workers' Compensation

by Louise Boyd

Being a victim of a job-related accident can be a devastating experience for anyone to go through. Sadly, there are some people that are not well-informed about the fact that they are protected by worker's compensation insurance. If you have recently suffered a job-related injury, it might be beneficial for you to know the answers to the following couple of questions so that you can be better prepared for what to expect when filing this claim.

What If You Did Not Tell Your Employer At The Time Of The Injury?

There can easily be instances where you may have suffered a seemingly minor injury only to find that the damage was much worse than you originally thought. This can commonly arise when individuals suffer back injuries because it can be easy to mistake a badly-pulled muscle with something as serious as a slipped disc.

If there is a significant delay between the time that you suffered the injury and the time that you reported it, it may be possible for the employer to contest the injury. Therefore, it is important for you to report every injury to your boss or manager to ensure that there is a record of the original problem occurring. For those that have failed to report the injury in a timely manner, it may be necessary to hire an experienced workers' compensation attorney to help prove that your injuries occurred when you claim that they did.

Can You Work While Receiving Treatment?

While individuals that are receiving treatment due to a worker's compensation claim are entitled to some form of compensation during treatment, it should be noted that this compensation is often much less than normal wages. As a result, you may want to return as soon as possible. Fortunately, you should be relieved to learn that your doctor will be able to clear you for light duty, and your employer is legally obligated to make reasonable accommodations so that you can continue working until you have fully healed and can return to normal duties.

Suffering a workplace injury can be a frightening experience for individuals that are not informed about worker's compensation. By making sure that you understand the importance of reporting your injuries as soon as possible while understanding that you may be able to continue working while being treated, you will have a better understanding about the protections that you enjoy from having to face the financial costs of these injuries. Contact a company like Hardee and Hardee LLP for more information.


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Legal Help When Buying and Selling Property

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